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When and where can I buy a Fox Unit X1?


Well with the run on firearms this year we want to make sure we can get all the parts and solid supply line, so we are not saying we are going to sell you a Fox Unit and not be able to because we cannot get a spring or some other part.  Initially we will sell just the proprietary lower ( with its other proprietary parts) in the US and Lower and upper combos, because the rest of the parts are hard to come by for a new manufacture and we figure you have an upper or your own source of part.  Then as soon as possible will be selling not only the receivers(with proprietary parts) but full rifles and pistols as well.


We are currently in talks to have Q2 2022 production... pricing will be around the $300 mark for the Fox Unit Lower(high end AR receiver area).  This is a unique firearm with unique capabilities and gives you a firearm where you can't normally have a practical weapon.  We are looking for top quality production and production models will be from billet.  We aren't making a gimmick firearm... we will only sell what we would trust our lives to and what we think is the best tool for putting food on the table when hunting and something you can hand down for generations.

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