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  • What is semi-automatic?
    According to California legal documents ... "Semi-automatic means a firearm functionally able to fire a single cartridge, eject the empty case, and reload the chamber each time the trigger is pulled and released." The state of California
  • What is a NON-Semiautomatic firearm?
    NON-Semiautomatic is a firearm that does not operate in a Semi-automatic fashion (and no, not full auto either). Hence , cannot be classified as a semi-automatic. While it will fire a single cartridge with a single pull of the trigger and eject the empty case, it will not reload the chamber or reset the trigger unless a secondary operation is done. That operation lets the bolt go forward and will reload the chamber if a round is available and reset the trigger. and yes, we came up with the term, well at least we never heard it before and neither had anyone else. (kind of a play on the certain Lt Gen "fully-semi-automatic"
  • How does it work?
    The Fox Unit X1 is the world’s first NON-Semiautomatic AR platform style rifle, utilizing what we call a “rapid bolt” system or a “spring assisted bolt” is another term. This non-semiautomatic not only has obvious benefit to those living in places which don’t allow semi-automatic rifles, but it does it in the most advanced, user friendly way… making it practical for self-defense, as well as shooting and hunting sports. The NON-Semiautomatic action, will fire the round and eject the round… the bolt holds back/open after each shot and will not load another round or fire again, until you do a second operation that then lets the bolt go forward, loading the next round available and resetting the trigger. The “Rapid Bolt” NON-Semiautomatic system, allows you to keep your cheek weld on the firearm and keep your sights on target while easily manipulating the “secondary action” bolt release that allows the bolt to go forward for a follow up shot. Not manually operating the charging handle like an old fashion bolt style rifle where you have to move your head breaking your cheek weld and grip to work the bolt. This is just a natural press of the finger or thumb to load the next round and be ready to fire! Long range precision shooters and hunters like it because the half impulse of the bolt only going back and holding vs. a bolt going backwards and slamming forwards. This allows the shooter to not only track his shot easier, but single load rounds with great ease- and send the bolt forward with a comfortable press of the finger or thumb. The X1 is a totally new receiver with 6 new parts, and although it looks like an AR receiver, it uses all the same parts (grip, trigger, pins, buffer, tubes etc.) of an AR15/10 except for those proprietary parts. This means you can take your current upper and put it on a Fox Unit X1 and your sights will be on and you will be ready to go. It is also great for teaching your child or new shooter… if they are not ready for a semiautomatic or not allowed, you can let them use your upper receiver in combination with the Fox Unit X1 lower receiver to learn with or get them their own dedicated complete Fox Unit X1 firearm. So if you live in a state or travel to a state with restrictions for work, pleasure or hunting, this will allow you to basically have your firearm with you and be in compliance…. The only thing that changes is an easy press of your finger!
  • This is Patented?
    You bet your a$$... U.S. Patent No. 11,187,475
  • What parts is this compatible with?
    The Fox Unit is compatible with all standard AR15 parts, sans the receiver and other proprietary parts. Triggers, stocks, barrels, grips, handguards, buffer tubes, magazines and pretty much every part and accessory for the AR15 will work with the Fox Unit X1
  • Can my AR upper be used on the Fox Unit?
    You will be able to accept your standard AR upper, so if you are traveling to a restricted area you can just take your current upper that is already sighted in and drop it on your Fox Unit lower and you are good to go and in compliance.... Or if you want your child to use your upper that is sighted in for practice or hunting, you can hand him your upper and he can put it on his own Fox Unit and he is ready to go!
  • Why is the Fox Unit good for Long Range shooting?
    It is being loved by long range shooters for a few reasons. 1) shot tracking/half impulse- the bolt locks back every shot, so you only get the partial impulse of the bolt going back and not the secondary return impulse of the bolt picking up a round (if one available) and slamming back in the chamber. Now you can track your shot easier! 2) barrel cooling- open bolts help keep your barrel and chamber cool! Because it is designed to lock back every shot, you don't have to do all the work to pull your charging handle back and lock the bolt back every shot, to let you chamber and barrel get air. It is done automatically on every shot! 3) single round loading- every shot the bolt locks back... this allows you to single round load with ease and engage the bolt whenever you so choose Every advantage counts!
  • Are there other models besides the X1?
    Yes, we have the X2 which will be for larger caliber (308, 6.5 Creedmoor, etc). As well as different model names for hunting and other specifics and youth programs. Think of small and large platform basically 5.56, 300 blk, 6.5 Grendel etc VS 308, 6.5 Creedmoor, etc ( just like AR15 vs AR10)
  • Is this just a modified AR receiver or can I modify my AR receiver?
    NO! this is not an AR15 receiver!!! Is not even close to mill spec. It does look similar to an AR15 ( only so much you can do with design and compatibility) and is compatible with most AR parts...but is not an AR15 or AR10 receiver. It also does not function like an AR15 (semi-automatic) If you modify a Semi-automatic AR receiver you still have an AR semi-automatic receiver. The Fox Unit is designed from the ground up NON-Semiautomatic receiver.
  • When and where can I buy a Fox Unit X1?
    Well with the run-on firearms this year we want to make sure we can get all the parts and solid supply line, so we are not saying we are going to sell you a Fox Unit and not be able to because we cannot get a spring or some other part. Initially we will sell just the proprietary lower ( with its other proprietary parts) in the US and Lower and upper combos, because the rest of the parts are hard to come by for a new manufacture and we figure you have an upper or your own source of part. Then as soon as possible will be selling not only the receivers(with proprietary parts) but full rifles and pistols as well. We are currently in talks to have Q2 2022 production... pricing will be around the $300 mark for the Fox Unit Lower(high end AR receiver area). This is a unique firearm with unique capabilities and gives you a firearm where you can't normally have a practical weapon. We are looking for top quality production and production models will be from billet. We aren't making a gimmick firearm... we will only sell what we would trust our lives to and what we think is the best tool for putting food on the table when hunting and something you can hand down for generations. If you sign up on our list, you will be updated with when and where you can buy a Fox Unit in your area or where you can order from online to your local FFL. Join the Fox Unit! sing up today
  • What does Fox Unit stand for?
    Because we are Smart as a Fox and we are a Unit ;D
  • I love your logo, can I get a shirt or a hat?"
    Everyone loves our logo... shirts are now available. Now you can show off being part of the Fox Unit, besides flashing the Fox Unit X1 at the range or at your hunting camp or competition.
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